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  • 13 Nov, 2019


Are slow paying customers slowing down your business growth? Are there large gaps between projects due to a shortage of cash flow? Having trouble covering recurring expenses? Are you missing out on bigger jobs because of cash flow issues? Are you being turned down by other banks or factoring companies because of progress billing? We have construction factoring solutions for you.

Invoice Niaga and our Cash Flow Solutions CAN help! We specialize in assisting construction companies with their cash flow needs by providing construction invoice factoring services. We even factor Progressive Billing and Pay When Paid Contracts! Our receivables financing facility - which includes factoring - can help boost your cash flow by providing immediate liquidity to your business activities. It is crucial too to note that 8 out of 10 companies suffer from late payments. 5 out of 10 lose opportunities due to late payment and more than 50% of businesses spend more money doing collection. With Invoice Niaga’s niche solutions you can now obtain cash fast and hassle free to pay vendors, salaries or take on new projects plus you would never have to worry about outstanding invoices and unpaid bills again.

Also on the other hand, we have initiatives tailored specially for sub-contractors, the Preferred Vendor Programme or PVP which is the answer to protect your business from incidences of late or non-payment that are common in large scale projects. Leveraging on our expertise in dealing with government agencies and government linked companies (GLCs), we help secure the payment of completed projects and help you to build new networks with other government contractors, providing new business opportunities and ensuring non-disruptive procurement of supplies via credit. Did you know that 7 out of 10 companies have to pay cash for their supplies? 80% of businesses have less than 3 approachable suppliers and almost a quarter of businesses turn down new projects / business due to insufficient capital to purchase supplies. With our innovative financing solutions you can now run your projects without interruptions when you get all supplies via credit (back-to-back).

To top it all Invoice Niaga also provides a range of business support solutions for our clients, which include support letter, letter of undertaking, bank guarantee, and letter of credit. Support letters are intended for bona fide businesses linked with government agencies and GLCs, to ensure a smooth process for tender submissions and a standard format in accordance to government requirements. Letters of Undertaking (LOU) in different circumstances are for bona fide businesses to secure trust and provide assurance to your suppliers, offering both parties peace of mind and confidence in business transactions. Bank Guarantee is also a facility provided supported by reputable banks on our panel, with fast and easy approval processes, fulfilling the requirements for bond application (performance bond, advance payment bond, tender bond). Invoice Niaga’s another niche product would be Letter of Credit that helps speed up domestic and international trade transactions, supported by reputable banks on our panel, with a fast and easy approval processes. These initiatives were discovered when we realised that 60% of companies are unable to convince customers on their financial abilities while 70% fail to impress their customers on their financial stability during tendering process. And 7 out of 10 quotations or tenders are being submitted without any document to show financial strength. Elevate your financial status with Invoice Niaga and increase your success rate and win more tenders when you improve your financial credibility.

Since our construction industry underwriters are experienced with, and know your business, we can solve your immediate and long term working capital issues even if banks have turned you down.

Invoice Niaga construction factoring services can give you immediate access to cash. Our services provide you a unique blend of continuous finance and system support that allows you to promptly pay creditors, meet payroll, maintain overhead expenses, negotiate contracts with suppliers, purchase materials, pay taxes, bid on bigger jobs and accelerate your company’s growth without borrowing money.

Invoice Niaga has extensive experience providing factoring services to general contractors and sub-contractors of various trades including:

  • Asphalt
  • Roadwork
  • Concrete
  • Demolition
  • Directional Drilling
  • Electrical
  • Excavation and Hauling
  • High Voltage
  • HVAC - Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning
  • Interior Finish
  • Low Voltage
  • Painting
  • Paving
  • Plumbing
  • Roofing
  • Structural Steel
  • Underground Utilities


Benefits of using Invoice Niaga’s Construction Factoring Services:

  • Invoice Niaga specializes in Construction Industry Factoring Services.
  • Invoice Niaga can give you cash within 3 days for your invoices.
  • Invoice Niaga works with companies who have limited or no credit history.
  • Invoice Niaga offers quick underwriting decisions.
  • Invoice Niaga offers no long-term contracts.
  • Invoice Niaga has no monthly minimums or penalties for non-usage.
  • Invoice Niaga fee is all inclusive. There are no upfront, hidden or interest charges.


Call Invoice Niaga today at 03-7890 0071 and discuss with one of our Construction Factoring Specialist how you can get the working capital your business needs to meet payroll and expand! Or fill out our Online Form. We will contact you within 24 business hours.

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